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This is so excited WhatsApp created a Business version of their app for now it’s only available for Android Phones. What does it mean to you? Now you have another communication tool in your hand to  interact with your customer in a better way from your mobile device.

It has the following business features:

  • Business Profile– this option allows to put your business name, address, business category, description of your business and hours of operation.
  • Quick Replies–  you can add template messages and save it to reuse quickly.
  • Greetings-create automated greetings messages when you’re away or greeting customers for the first time. You can customize a schedule when to send those messages.
  • Message Statistics-this is a cool option to track & have metrics of  your messages sent, delivered, read and received.

I already download it here and create our  business profile. And it’s pretty cool.  Download it here and share your thoughts with us 🙂

More details check the official whatsapp website:  https://www.whatsapp.com/business

All the solutions we can offer to grow your business! 

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