Virtual Fax or eFAx for your Business?

Virtual Fax or eFAx for your Business?

Fax Machine vs Virtual Fax:

It is an outdated technology that was replaced when email function came out. But, a lot of business still use today, including government offices. You might not use it but, you are working with businesses that require you to send a fax. You can still do that through Virtual Fax, Efax Services or Internet Fax as you called.

Through this service, you can manage your faxes better. Here are the advantages:

  • virtual fax services, cloud fax services, voip fax services, fax services, rapiphonesConvenience: You can receive and send your faxes on your computer, tablet or phone. Never miss an important fax.
  • Storage: start saving the really important faxes in a digital way and eliminate the ones that you don’t need. Most important you will save on paper, and Go Green!
  • Cost Effective: you will save money because this service is included with your VoIP or Cloud Phone Services. If not you can add this feature to your plan or request it by its own.
  • Easy to Set Up and Use: you can manage your faxes through a portal online on the internet or through your Microsoft Outlook program. You only need an email address.
  • Security: it’s important to keep your faxes secure and compliance for your business transactions. Your provider will notify you of the security that they have in place for them.

If you are not using, start using today. Go Green!

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