Traditional Business Phone System also called PBX , it’s a premise-based device that comes in a physical box with all the features one it. You can customize base in your needs through the addition of cards. Request a Demo Today!  

  • Use Analog Lines or Sip Trunk Lines
  • By default the system comes with 4 extensions/4 CO lines. It can be increased based on the needs.
  • The system can be mounted directly on the wall or in a rack
  • Different types of digital phones can be used.
  • It can be integrated with:
    • Voicemail System to have mailboxes and Auto Attendant features
    • Paging System
    • Music on Hold/Background music
    • Doorphone devices
    • Door relay system
  • Caller ID, Call Park, Hold
  • Call Groups
  • Ring Groups
  • And much more.