Rapid Phones is the One place to find the right provider for your Business Internet Services and Business Phone Lines or Landlines Services. Our company is an authorized reseller and partner with over 50 providers  in the area of  Miami,  South Florida as well as throughout all USA.  All the solutions we can offer to grow your business! 

The Benefits you will receive: 

Save Time just calling one place  to obtain the information & prices of  all the providers available in your area.

Local Point of Contact having someone local you can reach out for questions and free demos.

  Consultant in your side  you’ll have at your  disposal a team of professionals working with you. You’ll receive expert advice to help you choose the right provider for your business needs.

Save Money because you’ll receive the best price and provider company available on the market base on your business needs.

  Latest Technology  you’ll have access to the latest telecommunication and internet services  solutions available on the market.

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Examples of  Telecommunications & Internet Solutions that are available

  • Business Phone Lines
  • Business Landlines Services
  • Cloud or Hosted Business Phone System
  • SIP Trunking
  • Conferencing Solutions
  • International Long distance services
  • Android & iOS Phone App
  • Colocation
  • Fiber Optic Internet
  • Cable Internet
  • SD WAN Solutions
  • Network Security
  • MPLS
  • Mobility | Wireless Solution
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Cloud Services
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (Daas) as:
    • Database Management Software (DBMS)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Desktop as a Service (Daas)-Desktop Virtualization

All the solutions we can offer to grow your Business!