Cloud Computing for Small Business

Cloud Computing for Small Business, Are you ready? 

Small business owners ask themselves Does make sense for my business to move to the cloud? or Why do I have to do it?

First let’s define what cloud computing means. It means to storage and access your company data and programs through a hosted server  over the internet.   You don’t need to have any local server at your office, only a computer, tablet or phone with a good internet connection.

“The expectation is that by 2020 a nearly 80% of U. S small businesses will  be using cloud computing”  (Study by Intuit )

Cloud computing puts Enterprise infrastructure and system tools available to the small business at affordable price.  Giving the small business a ton of opportunity to grow and be more productive.

Here are a few benefits for moving to the cloud:

  • Reduction of Costs:  by having the servers hosted with a cloud provider your cost of infrastructure maintenance  as well as your IT requirements will be lower, meaning huge savings in the long run for your business.  At the same time you will be benefit of having the latest hardware and operating system upgrades plus security.


  • Increased flexibility: meaning you and your employees can work from anywhere at anytime.  You can resolve customer issues quickly, make business more productive, closing more sales and being able to incorporate new workforce from anywhere at anytime.


  • Security: your cloud server will be backup. In addition firewall devices and monitoring security software will be monitoring your server.  And will be protected for power interruptions.


  • Team Collaboration:  your employees can work better as team because the information is easy to share, changes will be made live and everybody can see it at the same time.


  • Opportunity for integrations: you can have the option with your cloud service provider to make integration with your software and open ways to be more productive.


Yes! It does make sense to move to the cloud!  as you can see your small business can greatly benefit from it.  If you decide not to move to the cloud your business will be affected greatly.

Don’t be afraid you’re not alone to make that decision. I’m your IT consultant that can help you to get the right cloud computing solutions for your small business.


Get your free video or local consultation now! 


Embrace Technology & Keep moving forward!

Ivette Kislinger,

Simplifying Telecommunications & IT Solutions

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