The Perfect Communication to Achieve The Next Level of Your Business!

The Perfect Communication to Achieve The Next Level of Your Business

The Struggles:

You have this awesome company filled with talented administrators and representatives, but you just can’t reach all of them when you need to. You always have to set up meetings at specific times or make a various amount of phone calls to be able to spread your message across.

Let’s face it your tired of wasting valuable time trying to get an important message across your board of members.

Your Solution:

Well lucky for you I’m here to provide you with a wonderful weapon you can add to your arsenal to make your business life a whole lot easier and more productive.

I would like to introduce you to the Cloud Business Phone System!

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This amazing  Cloud Phone System is the solution to all of your business necessities!

Just to simply outline the basic actions it can fulfill:

  • Unlimited Domestic Calling (Cut your International Calling) 
  • Voice Mail to Email
  • Desktop/Mobile Presence
  • Music on Hold (Let’s face it this is one of the best features 😉
  • Unlimited Virtual Faxing
  • Call Forwarding/ Caller ID/ Call Parking
  • Connect Paging System/ Door Intercoms/ Door Entry
  • Auto Attendant/ Customer Greetings
  • Call Recording/ Call Queuing/ Call Logs


You can access all these amazing features through a simple phone system called “Cloud Business Phone System” that we (RapidPhones) provides.

How do These Features Work:

Unlimited Domestic Calling

By obtaining this Phone System you are allowed to make unlimited phone calls to anywhere in the WHOLE country.  Plus if you have remote offices you can install this phone system and cut your international calling.

You could literally bug all of your employees as many times as you want or you could call your partnerships or your other connections across the countries and be able to communicate with them at any given time you desire.

You could use this feature without any worries about your monthly bill rising or your minutes running out. There’s nothing preventing you from literally talking on the phone constantly for hours trying to progress your business even further!

Voice Mail to Email:

This feature allows you to never miss an important message you receive. If you happen to not be in the office or not in reach of your phone, you will receive a notification of an important voicemail you just received by email.

You could receive a simple email notification letting you know that you received a voicemail or you could receive an audio file of the message itself to hear it through your email without actually having to hear it through your phone.

If that’s not a wonderful feature I don’t know what is!

Desktop/Mobile Presence:

With this feature, you can take your office with you wherever you go. You could simply install this free app that we provide with our service and you literally receive all of your desktop calls through your personal smartphone.

You could set up the app on your smartphone and it will be exactly like if you were operating your desktop phone on the go. So you will never have to worry about missing a call from your office even if you’re not presently there.

Music on Hold:

This is by far my favorite feature. Yes it might be simple or a lot of other systems provide it, but to me, it’s a meaningful feature. I don’t know if it because of my love for music or how annoyed I get by being on standby waiting for someone to answer the phone to talk to me.

This is a simple feature with a lot of responsibility. You have to place an adequate music to comfort your guest and be able to entertain them while they are waiting for your answer. If you fail to provide such an important service you will lose clients!

Believe me, if I’m on standby and there’s some crappy music in the background and it’s taking too long to answer me I’ll just hang up and look up another company to provide me the service I’m looking for.

I don’t have tolerance to work with a company who doesn’t take care of their client’s basic necessities. So always keep that in mind when you are setting up this feature.

Unlimited Virtual Faxing:

This feature allows you to SAVE money by not spending money on fancy equipment.

When you have the need to fax something to a client or to anyone you could literally scan the document and send it as an attachment by email to your receiver. It doesn’t get any much easier than this people.

Connect Paging System/ Door Intercoms/Door Entries

Granted you want to be in control of everything. You could literally send out your commands through a paging system to all of your employees at one time letting them know of an important message you are trying to get across.

With security being on the rise and you always have to stay guarded you could set up a device on the side of your front door of the business to be able to communicate with anyone who wants to enter your establishment.

Thus protecting you from any intruders or irrelevant people who want to enter your establishment to cause any disruption unnecessary to your business.

How to Receive These Benefits

Now you just read all of these amazing benefits you could receive from this awesome phone system. Now you are probably asking yourself how can I receive these features so I could benefit my business and take it to the next level.

And I have the answer just for you!


We are more than well equipped, certified, and trained to provide you with this service and to install it for you at little to no cost and in a timely matter.  So it won’t be long before you know it that your business will be taking the next steps to advance to the next level you are trying to reach.

Contact us so you could receive your free quote and we could initiate the process of improving your business!

All the solutions we can offer to grow your business! 

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